Inspired by nature and Swedish tradition, new Hälsa mattresses

We only supply the best bed and mattress brands in our Surrey Bed Centre. Our aim is to take the hard work out of bed shopping by ensuring we only have the best quality and most cutting edge beds available for you to try, giving you peace of mind that you are investing in a better night’s sleep when you buy from us.

With this in mind, we are delighted to introduce the exclusive Hälsa mattress range into our bed centre collection.

smaland mattress


Hälsa is a Swedish firm with growing international presence. They blend traditional handcrafts with technology in order to take your sleep quality to a higher level.

Recognised for their world famous Swedish quality, Hälsa‘s design concepts are inspired by nature and use only the best materials, sourced from around the world, for production that creates a difference. Their intention – to convert sleep experience into art.

Hälsa takes both humans sleep needs and the vitality of nature into consideration in the design process of all their mattresses.

You can sleep peacefully as if you are in the arms of nature with spring systems bespoke to Hälsa which support your body, and knowing that Hälsa mattresses are produced with only natural and breathable materials.

stockholm mattress


At Hälsa, skillful hand-craftsmanship is employed at every stage of mattress production, transforming production into an art form to offer you a unique sleep experience.

The Hälsa collection includes a range of different spring and coil systems, all offering long lasting technology that promotes comfort, natural spine positioning and moisture control. These include;

ProFlex® – built around long lasting spring technology that creates a superior product for keeping the spine in the correct position during sleep.

ProCoil® – a mattress that features an uninterrupted and continuous spring system so you can enjoy the most peaceful and comfortable sleep on innovative technology with a high density of springs.

ProZone® – providing extra support to 5 sensitive zones of your body and preserving the natural curve of the spine. It offers you a healthier sleep through support and comfort which also promotes muscle relaxation.

lappland mattress


When you combine their innovative spring technology, natural materials and hand craftsmanship, you are presented with the fantastic range of Hälsa mattresses. The Lappland, Smaland, Storsjon and Norrbottens are all now available to try in our Bed Centre.

The best way to experience Hälsa is to visit our Walton-on-Thames Bed Centre where you can learn more and try the mattresses first hand.

If you want to discover more about Hälsa beds before you visit you can download their latest brochure here.

We hope to introduce you into the art of Hälsa sleep very soon.

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