Amtico Wood Plank and Vinly Tile installation in Walton on Thames

Location: Walton on Thames, Surrey

With this particular project we fitted a combination of Amtico Spacia New England Oak 7″ plank and Ceramic Frost 18″ x 18″ vinyl tiles. The installation was fitted to a new extension which provided open plan Kitchen, Living area.

The Spacia Ceramic Frost 18″ x 18″ tile was laid in the Kitchen area which then merged with the New England Oak 7″ plank on the curve in the open plan living area. The sub floor preparation work required us to supply and fit a damp membrane to the new extension concrete slab.

Due to the restrictions of a tight deadline from the customer the new concrete slab was not able to dry naturally. To commence fitting we had to proceed with moisture tests, this required us to measure the relative humidity in the floor using a hygrometer.

The results provided us with the expected high RH (Relative Humidity) readings, from this we would then supply and fit the correct DPM which was which was also compatible with the under floor heating. Once the DPM was painted on the floor we prepared the sub floor with Primer and Smoothing compound to create an ultra smooth floor ready for our team to fit the Amtico Spacia flooring tiles.

We used high temperature adhesive because of the under floor heating and a specialist C.A.T. trim to provide the divide between the two different colours of Spacia floors.

The end result provided the customer with practical and stylish floor which the whole family could enjoy.