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Amtico Signature SurreyThe Amtico Signature range consists of 188 products that give you extensive choice of wood, stone and abstract designs in a wide range of sizes, laying patterns, borders and motifs.

The Signature Collection offers an incredible range of options and variations to satisfy any design criteria. Crafted to perfection there are 188 products to choose from, including beautiful borders, stylish stripping, unique motifs and multiple layout blueprints. Furnish your floors in natural finishes, like wood and stone, or choose a more contemporary design for more dramatic impact.

Amtico Signature Collection

Signature Wood Flooring

For a feeling of craftsmanship, the Amtico Signature collection offers all the subtle shade, grain and texture effects of every conceivable wood from all four corners of the globe.

From Parisian Pine and Norwegian Maple to Brazilian Rosewood and American Cherry, the Signature woods provide a spectrum of natural colour that Mother Nature would be proud of. Full of natural swirls, subtle lines and soft hues, each design perfectly replicates the beauty of their natural counterpart.

For a crisp, clean finish the neutral wood range is understated and unassuming. These light, chalked and limewashed tones will quietly compliment any room.

For a radiant glow, both the golden and warm wood options bring an intimate warmth to any design scheme, from rustic charm to modern simplicity. Or for something richer, the deep warm wood selection almost smoulders with its sensual red tones. To command a room, the dark woods will always make a strong statement, whilst the design woods complete a contemporary space perfectly.

With endless unique combinations of laying patterns, motifs and borders, you can use the Amtico Signature wood collection to create an organic natural finish with your own personal design statement. Conjure up wild walnut laid in herringbone, or the spalted beech with a basketweave pattern.

With your imagination and one of our Amtico recommended fitters, you are just a colour palette and pattern choice away from a beautiful wooden floor.

Signature Stone Flooring

If your design scheme demands something strong yet simple, the Amtico Signature collection offers the organic look of stone with all its beautifully blended earthy colours.

From Riverstone Quarry and Fossil Limestone to Travertine Ivory and Graphite Slate, the Signature stones provide a solid foundation for a minimalist space.

The soothing palette of the neutral light stones will bring calm into any setting, whilst the solid colours and tones of the neutral dark range make a simple statement. The cool light stones are understated and effortlessly chic. In contrast, the cool dark stones with their deeper tones, are bold and uncomplicated. To inject some warmth, the warm light stones are quietly welcoming, whilst the richness of the warm dark stones will add luxurious depth.

With a comprehensive range of widths, lengths and textures, you can use different size options to create distinctive floor designs or add a decorative feature. You can make a statement in a large, open space with a bespoke motif, or frame a simple, stone floor with a distinctive pattern. From linear stripes through to the classic Art Deco there is a perfect border for every setting.

With the Amtico Signature Stone collection, flooring has never been so design-friendly. With your imagination and one of our Amtico recommended fitters, you are just a colour palette and pattern choice away from a beautiful stone floor.

Signature Abstract Flooring

To give an ordinary space an extraordinary finish, the Amtico Signature abstract collection offers cutting-edge designs to elevate any scheme into something truly unique.

From soft diffused lines to sharper banded finishes, the striped Fusion designs offer a range of tones, from light and bright to dark and dramatic. The Odyssey range gently shimmers with metal-like textures, adding a touch of soft glamour to minimalist rooms. The Element designs have a celestial, atmospheric feel whilst the Quantum options are more of this earth, engineered with precision detailing for a crisp cool finish. Making the brightest impact the Spectrum range has vibrant colours, loud enough to command any room.

With a choice of different laying patterns and the option of decorative features, these abstract designs can be transformed into something to fit your own vision. A bespoke motif can create a beautiful focal point, dressing a room with your imagination. A border can transform your floor into a framed piece of artwork.

A mix of shimmery and matt designs in a key weave laying pattern will give a glamorous boutique feel, whilst multi-coloured mixing in a herringbone pleat will create the perfect partner to neutral pieces of furniture.

With your imagination and one of our Amtico recommended fitters, you are just a colour palette and pattern choice away from a beautiful abstract floor.

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